Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) Information

The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) is the goverment agency in that regulates all real estate professionals, including the education requirements for initial licensing, SAE, and continuing education for license renewal. It is important that all Texas real estate agents (and those who wish to become Texas real estate agents) are familiar with the TREC's role in the industry, and stay up to date with TREC rules and requirements.

Important TREC Links

  1. How to Become a Texas Real Estate Agent - Everything you need to know about the qualifications, education, testing, and application process to be a licensed Texas real estate agent.

  2. Renew your Texas Real Estate License - Texas real estate license renewal information including SAE, continuing education, and renewal application instructions.

  3. Texas Real Estate Consumer Info - Texas real estate consumer resources including the role of agents and brokers from the public's perspective.

  4. Related Regulatory and Consumer Protection Groups - Information on additional real estate related organizations and professions.