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About El Paso, TX

El Paso is on the far east side of Texas. 243.5 miles from Odessa. No matter how far you are RettSchool.com offers Texas Online Real Estate Courses. Visit our site or simply give us a call. We can help you in obtaining your real estate license.

Entertainment in El-Passo, TX

Some of the Festivals and Events in El Paso include:

Annual cultural events and festivals
Amigo Airsho
KLAQ Great River Raft Race
Southwestern International PRCA Rodeo
Fiesta de las Flores
Neon Desert Music Festival
Texas Showdown Festival
Sun City Music Festival
Plaza Classic Film Festival
KLAQ Balloonfest
El Paso Downtown Street Festival
Music Under the Stars
Cool Canyon Nights
Alfresco Fridays

Economy in El-Passo, TX

El Paso has a diversified economy focused primarily within international trade, military, government civil service, oil and gas, health care, tourism and service sectors. The El Paso metro area had a GDP of $29 billion in 2011. There were also $92 billion worth of trade in 2012. Over the past 15 years the city has become a significant location for American-based call centers. Cotton, fruit, vegetables, and livestock are also produced in the area. El Paso has added a significant manufacturing sector with items and goods produced that include petroleum, metals, medical devices, plastics, machinery, defense-related goods and automotive parts.

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