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Denton is home to several annual artistic and cultural events that cater to residents and tourists. The annual North Texas State Fair and Rodeo began in 1928 and promotes the cowboy culture of Texas. In addition to a rodeo, the event features several local country-rock performances, pageants, and food contests. Hosted by the North Texas State Fairgrounds since 1948, the fair brings in over 150,000 people during its nine-day run. Denton, TX, Real Estate License School

The educational services, health and social services, manufacturing, and general retail sectors employ over 20,000 people in Denton. The city's three largest educational institutions, including the University of North Texas, Denton Independent School District, and Texas Woman's University, are the largest employers, employing almost 12,000 people. The University of North Texas is the largest employer in the city, with 7,764 employees comprising 12.59% of the workforce.

Denton is 15.5 miles north of Lewisville and 45.3 miles north of Arlington, you might be interested in investigating these two cities for Online Texas Real Estate courses by

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