RettSchool Online Book Store: Texas Real Estate Books

RettSchool Online has partnered with REcampus to bring you the highest quality Texas Real Estate Books available. REcampus Online Bookstore is designed with special learning features tailored to adult learners and are easily accessed through this website. Below are a few of the books available to purchase.

Modern Real Estate Practice, 19th Edition

Modern Real Estate Practice has trained more than 3 million professionals since 1959. This industry-standard resource has been updated to reflect current legislation and market information, and to include the newest forms and web resources. This text and its ancillary products will provide you with the best foundation possible to launch your real estate career. Each unit includes an overview of contents, highlighting the topic and explaining how it relates real estate law, regulations, and principles to the practice of real estate.

Additionally, the included QBank gives you the ability to create customized tests from hundreds of questions.



Real Estate Brokerage: A Management Guide, 9th Edition

The most comprehensive real estate brokerage title available offers an applications-oriented approach to becoming more effective managers, leaders, and communicators. This latest edition reflects innovation, which is most apparent in digital media and all the associated tactics and risks (including Internet security and identity theft), as well as the influence of generational diversity in contemporary business practices.

This practical guide also highlights new trends in professional development, including formal mentoring and cross-training programs, and developments in civil procedures, including RESPA, antitrust, and employment law issues. When used with the workbook for additional review, the package is a complete "how-to" for starting and maintaining a real estate brokerage business



Essentials of Real Estate Finance, 14th Edition

Containing in-depth and easy-to-understand coverage of the real estate finance industry, this classic text has trained over 100,000 real estate professionals. Essentials of Real Estate Finance can be used for prelicensing for salespersons and brokers, or in semester-length courses in two and four-year colleges.

Features include:

  • -Practice examples
  • -Example sections
  • -Review questions with detailed answer rationales
  • -Complete glossary



Essentials of Real Estate Investment, 11th Edition

Essentials of Real Estate Investment examines the current real estate market and describes investment methods, needs, and opportunities. It educates students and professionals on the basics of investing in real estate and can help consumers make better choices when it comes to investing their money in real property. Case studies provide real-life application and help reinforce key concepts.

Additionally, the included QBank gives you the ability to create customized tests from hundreds of questions.



The Insider's Guide to Commercial Real Estate, 3rd Edition

This commercial real estate text begins with the basics, such as property types and commercial real estate culture, moves into an in-depth discussion of math, finance, and contracts that every professional needs to master, and ends by exploring several entry-level career options. Readers will finish with a specific plan to begin their commercial real estate careers; apply all its terms, contracts, and processes; and do so with a knowledge of various career paths.



Real Estate Principles, 11th Edition

This leading collegiate text is great for business electives or required courses in a real estate certificate or degree program. Each chapter can be treated as a stand-alone learning module, making it easy for instructors to incorporate the material into their courses. Real Estate Today Close Ups, Legal Highlights, and Case Studies help clarify difficult topics and keep students engaged.